Messiah Missionary Baptist Church had its first service on December 3, 1978 under the leadership of founding pastor Reverend Lee A. Mullen.  Reverend Mullen wanted to pastor all of the people, all of the time, rather than just some of the people, some of the time. So, with a membership of 78 and the slogan, ‘THE GOD WE SERVE IS ENOUGH, ”  Messiah Missionary Baptist Church opened its doors with Sunday morning worship service. 


As the Lord added to the membership of the Church, Messiah Baptist was able to purchase a piano and an organ, audio equipment and a Church van. Messiah acquired the building of its current residence at 2389 Chelsea Avenue in Memphis, TN.


Reverend Mullen led and pastored the church in his vision to serve the Lord and to serve all of the people for twenty years until 1997 when he assumed the position of Pastor Emeritus. In April of 1997, Rev. Mullen asked the membership to accept Reverend Jerry J. Randolph as Pastor.  Reverend Randolph had come to Messiah in 1991 to assist Rev. Mullen who, due to his declining health, needed help in the ministry of the Church . Rev. Randolph became the Assistant Pastor and took over the leadership role of the Youth Ministry where he served until asked to take over as head pastor of the church.  Rev. Mullen knew that Rev. Randolph loved the Messiah Church family as much as he did and would be the one God anointed to carry forth the the ministry into the next millennium. 


Under the leadership of Reverend Randolph, the Messiah Church Family continued to step a little higher and Messiah Missionary Baptist Church became “Totally Committed” to making the vision, as given by God, a reality.   The building was renovated and he moved the vision Messiah Missionary Baptist Church had to equip the saints: new Bibles were placed in every pew of the church, Bible study began, a renewed push for Sunday Church School and access to the various Christian Education Congresses and workshops.

Outreach ministries were started, to include Mid-week prayer service, Youth, Young Adults, Angel Food, Alpha 100, Summer Day Camp and Media. 

In 2009, scenes from the Christian motion picture, “The Grace Card”, were filmed here at Messiah.  Pastor Randolph along with other members of the congregation had small but significant parts in the film.

Faces and names of the congregation may have changed over the years, but the one constant is that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has allowed Messiah Baptist to minister and change the lives of the congregation and community.

Today Messiah Missionary Baptist Church gives God the thanks for His abiding love. We thank His Son for our formation and mission. We thank the Holy Spirit for the power to go forth with our service to God.  “We have come this far by faith” and are ever prayerful that we will die empty and be found faithful upon our Savior’s return.


At Messiah, we are ever dependent on the power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to guide us in serving our congregation and the community around us.